Saint Luna

We are Saint Luna. 5 college kids who built a studio in a garage and make rock. From spending hours constructing an acoustically sound space, to rehearsing continuously each and every day, Saint Luna has created a progressive, psychedelic alt-rock indie sound, that can appeal to any audience.


On the hunt for never ending synth sounds and angelic harmonies, Belladon has been embraced by the San Diego community rather quickly. With only 3 singles out they have already been nominated for a San Diego music award for best new artist. They were featured on “A Red Trolly Show” (sponsored by Karl Strauss brewing co.) have had radio support from rock 105.3 for local spotlight and from 91x for their single releases. At their first Los Angeles gig they were invited to 4th street recording (artist such as Mick Fleetwood, the Beach Boys, and Alice Cooper are past clientele) to record their latest single, Carnival. They have been a featured artist on Women Who Rock, Treble Zine (www.treblezine.com) a music blog based out of San Diego, and have worked with Grrrl Independent Ladies, a respected platform here in the Southern California putting events together with bands from Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles.  San Diego’s local Arts publication City Beat has covered multiple shows describing Belladon as a 80’s throw back to the Bangles. Treble Zine description was “glamorous electronic rock that demands more attention. A unique blend of three-part female harmonies from Aimee Jacobs (synths), Anastasya Korol (synths), and Heather Nation (lead guitar) echoes an era of fun, frantic tarantellas when the ladies of the B-52′s, Bangles, and X-Ray Spex first forced their way to the front”-  Adam Blyweiss.

The founder of the project,  Aimee Jacobs (former synth player and second vocalist of the Burning of Rome) started the group with Anastasya Korol at the San Diego Music and Art Cooperative, where they both work as music educators. Both women sing lead and play synth, focusing on harmonies between the vocals and keys.  Their listeners describe them as prog pop or synth pop. It is pop music but not conventional in it interpretation. Heather Nation is the bands lead guitar player and back up vocalist. The groups rhythm section is drummer Billy Petty and Alex Bravo on bass. All the players of the project are well seasoned performers and educators in the music community and it shows in their composition and performance. Belladon has been an active band since June of 2017. They are unique for their interplaying synth melodies but also their three part female harmonies. Prince, Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux or Bjork would swim along Belladon’s sonic waters comfortably. But it’s Belladon’s ability to have multiple melodies interacting without losing focus, that sets them apart from expected contemporary tracks. “HAISA” their previous release has sections where the two synths, guitar and vocalists have leading melodies creating wall of sound. The effect is similar to the fun adrenaline you get when doing something just a little terrifying .

Belladon is creating pop music for a more attentive listener and clearly has no interest being the background ambience of your conversation. The balance between the male driven rhythm section, and femme fatale of the members is captivating, dueling, and nuanced. Belladon’s small but growing catalog is unique. Beautiful while also aggressive and dripping with personality, their double LP will be released Jan 2020.

Night Talks

On the heels of their newest single, “On and On,” out January 2022, LA born-and-bred alt-rock outfit Night Talks is back with a brand new batch of songs. Celebrate with them at Music Box just before the release of their sophomore album, Same Time Tomorrow. The songs toe the line between art rock and pop — no matter where you’re hearing them, you’ll feel like you’re in a stadium.

Ten Bulls

Ten Bulls is ineffable. That being said, an attempt will be made to make the ineffable, effable. Hailing from San Diego, California and comprised of Christian Clark on vocals/guitar, Jay Sanchioli on bass/keyboards, Chaz Lamden on drums/percussion, and Ida Naughton on synthesizers/vocals, the group produces a sound that is both unique and accessible; blurring the lines between past, present, and future. Buzzy, fuzzy bass. Shimmering, glimmering guitars. Hypnotic rhythms delicately smashed with retro keyboard textures. Ancient writings tell of not only sporadic saxophone sightings, but the occasional melodica, and if you’re lucky, a horn section too.

With these instruments, Ten Bulls manages to mesh driving, polyrhythmic drum patterns with anomalous time signatures, prog-ish song structures, and the occasional pop melody. The influences that shine through, some have noted, are Psychedelic, Electronic, New Wave, No Wave, and Indie (whatever Indie means). Whispers of concert-goers (and some of the more coherent Youtube comments) reveal some artists of which Ten Bulls are reminiscent. The findings were disparate: Tame Impala, Talk Talk (latter years), Gorillaz, MGMT, and Underground Resistance; ineffability on full display.