Keni Can Fly

Growing up in scattered locations across the West Coast, (Las Vegas, Monterey, Hawaii), ‘keni can fly’ found a home in Alternative Hip Hop under the guidance of his late uncle and cousin Lo$i. After beginning college in San Diego, a psychedelically motivated shift pushed 20 year old Keni to abandon marketing in exchange for an all chips in drive at music (and a philosophy degree). His natural rapping ability and fascination with expanding his musical palate led him to meet fellow student and producer Matteo Woods (Tobi Lou). The pair went on to release Keni’s first single, “veering” in 2020, achieving overnight local success with 400k streams on Spotify. Continuing his musical growth with influences like Choker, Dckwrth, Jaden, and Sunni Colon, Keni released 4 more singles the same year garnering a strong following nationwide with 30k monthly listeners. Upon joining genre diverse collective Orange Label, Keni crafted a three song EP (‘garden of earthly delights’) sporting not only the bouncy earworms for which he has become known, but also the promise of leading the melding of the blossoming indie scene with Hip Hop structures.

With his four piece band ‘TheWings”composed of his best friends, Keni performed as a headliner to a sold out crowd at the first annual ‘OL Playground‘ music festival in San Diego in May of this year. ‘Cherimoya Luv’, Keni’s first official project is slated for release in the near future.”