Scott Hirsch

You’ve heard the sound of Scott Hirsch. You might not know it, but his audio production has lurked deep in the cut of many admired recordings from the late 1990s to the present. A founding member of Hiss Golden Messenger, he was integral to the band’s formative years in the studio and on the road. His sonic imprint remains on their productions; most recently mixing the forthcoming album Quietly Blowing It. He recorded and mixed a Grammy nominated record by the legendary folk-singer Alice Gerrard and has produced and played on records by William Tyler, Mikael Jorgensen, Orpheo McCord and Daniel Rossen.
Windless Day finds Scott Hirsch pulling double duty: both behind the recording console and in front of the microphone. The follow up to 2018’s critically acclaimed Lost Time Behind The Moon, Windless Day finds Hirsch pushing the sonic envelope of his studio and crew at Echo Magic in Ojai, California. Hirsch reflects “There’s something dark about this record, and also fuzzy and imperfect, sad. The good kind of sad, at least in my mind.” If Hirsch’s debut Blue Rider Songs is about the endless road, and his Lost Time Behind The Moon is about coming home, Windless Day explores the wild unknown of inner space, astral travelling the hallways of dreams, through the night, searching all the while for the Spirit True.