CALONCHO is an artist from the North state of Sonora and an adoptive son of Guadalajara where he has been living for most of his life and where his first musical incursions have generated reactions that have marked his young career. His first material was nominated for 2 Latin Grammy Awards as “Best New Artist” and “Best Alternative Music Album” with his EP called “Fruta” [Fruit], produced by Siddhartha, a great artist who was attracted to CALONCHO by his amazing musical sensitivity.

Oscar Castro, known as CALONCHO since childhood, has also received numerous positive reviews for his first EP, and 2 awards out of his 4 nominations for the Indi-O Music Awards (IMAS) that reward the best independent music in Mexico: the “Best Pop Album” and “Best Solo Album” awards. The EP “Fruta” was among the most-sold albums on iTunes in Mexico for 5 consecutive months, and the tracks “Palmar” and “Chupetazos” remained among the 50 most-virally-searched songs on Spotify.

“Fruta” was released in September 2013. “It sounds like everything I have been listening to and filtered during my upbringing, covering from Mexican folk songs, the beach, a little bit of the forest and the city, to learning situations, existence, longing and love of life,” states CALONCHO, an artist who grew up surrounded by music. Even though initially a drum set was his first instrument of choice, he later showed a preference for the guitar which was the instrument of the first songs he wrote. “My dad would write songs for us as if making ‘hard-boiled eggs’, and I am sure that that was my poetical inspiration for creating situations, combined with my mother’s impeccable vocabulary and verbal abilities.”

That is how CALONCHO, starting at a very early age, began to manufacture songs and to mold them as if they were play dough, until he shaped “Fruta”. This is an album where he used organic sounds and objects not considered to be musical instruments, such as water, fruit, seeds and lighters, among others. This record reflects a very positive and happy stage where he sings about love, depicting situations and experiences of his own life.

Bálsamo, his 2nd Full Length material was released in August 2017 with amazing success in charts, radio and sales. CALONCHO is touring Bálsamo all around México, South-america, Spain and the US.

After 2017 Caloncho has released much more music.

2018 – EP PA

2019 – Desde los Árboles EP

2021 – Malvadisco LP

2022 – Buen Pez (May 31st)

“Buen Pez” features amazing colaborations with Li Saumet (Bomba Estéreo), Little Jesus, Bobby Pulido, Charles Ans, Carlos Colosio.