Lioneer, ThunderBeast, Jara, Virginia Crime
  • Lioneer


    Based now in San Diego, Lioneer is the new & improved chapter of Mike Liorti's musical journey formerly known as Rosedale (from Toronto, Canada). His catchy, anthemic power-pop carries on the nostalgic pop-punk/emo movement of the early 2000s but in a new, futuristic, cosmically-uplifting light. Currently performing as a three-piece, Lioneer's energetic live show has an immaculate production incorporating synced-up lighting and visuals to match each song uniquely. New singles such as "Don't Wait For Tomorrow", "Gone Too Soon" and "The Mood" are sure to reignite your passion and get you on the dance floor.
  • ThunderBeast


    ThunderBeast was formed in 2021 by Calen Lucas and Kevin Weiss whose previous bands include Brothers Weiss, Tularosa, and Family Wagon. Their music is high energy rock n' roll with heavy vibes and groovy undertones that will turn you into a dancing beast. During the recording of their first self-titled EP, they added legends Ethan Cloherty on bass and Josh Cass (Get Back Loretta) on guitar to round out the lineup.
  • Jara


  • Virginia Crime

    Virginia Crime

    Virginia Crime" is a fresh band hailing from San Diego, California, aiming to carve a unique niche in the Southern California music scene. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of 90's alternative rock, particularly the ethos of Touch and Go Label, their debut single "Left 5," released on February 23, 2024, marks the beginning of their musical journey. VA Crime is a blend of nostalgic influences with a modern twist, bringing a fresh perspective to the scene. Their raw energy live combined with contemporary sound promises an exciting trajectory for this up-and-coming band, signaling a promising start to their new venture.