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    Haley Reinhart

    A timeless voice outlasts eras. It feels just as at home in the sixties as it does in the TikTok age.  It also resounds louder as time goes on. Haley Reinhart brandishes such a voice. The expansive  scope of her range comes into full focus on her 4th album, Lo-Fi Soul. In many ways, Haley  began working towards this album and her artistry as a child. Mom and dad share a "Midnight  Band," and unsurprisingly, their daughter would sing before she could talk. She spent countless  hours engaged in rhyming games with her mother or locked into a call-and-response as a baby  with her father.  
    In 2009, Haley was the first songstress ever to join her high school jazz band where they  performed at both Montreux and Umbria jazz festivals. Her fascination with all things classic  continued as she became a fan of The Beatles and Janis Joplin, to Ella Fitzgerald and Sly & The  Family Stone. These influences also led her to record a full album at Sunset Sound, paying  homage to classic rock and pop hits from the late sixties titled, What’s That Sound. Haley plays  regularly with Robby Krieger of The Doors among other rock legends; she continues to keep her  rock 'n' roll roots intact.  
    The double platinum-certified Chicago-born/Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter exudes an  empowering level of charisma and confidence earned by a quiet, decade-long grind. Haley  landed third place and became a fan favorite on season 10 of American Idol. She recently  returned to AI, this time as a mentor, coaching contestants singing in the Soul Genre. Her  dynamic presence powered four solo albums— Listen Up! [2012] Interscope Records, Better  [2016] Red Dot, What’s That Sound? [2017] Concord Records, and Lo- Fi Soul [2019] on her  self-owned label, Reinhart Records. Haley has been known to leave her mark on countless films  and commercials singing in the new Mazda ad, Chase Bank, as well as shows including Love  Island, Gossip Girl, Nashville, Riverdale, The Wilds, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the  Stars, and the list goes on...  
    Meanwhile, her take on the Elvis Presley classic, Can’t Help Falling In Love generated over 325  million Spotify streams and 100 million YouTube views within a few years of its release. What  started off as a version sung for an Extra Gum Commercial, turned out to be a chart topping radio hit and touring sensation. Haley’s remake of the song peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard  Adult Contemporary chart and No. 31 on the Billboard Adult Pop Airplay chart.  
    Haley has also embraced collaborating regularly with other talented musicians. She is featured  on Postmodern Jukebox’s highest viewed videos on YouTube (over 300 million views). And  Haley has also dueted with legendary star Jeff Goldblum on two tracks from his chart-topping  jazz standards collection, The Capitol Studios Sessions. Haley joined Jeff for an unforgettable  performance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!. In 2019, she continued pushing boundaries by lending her  voice and songwriting skills to Vicetone’s EDM dance hit, Something Strange as well as an  EDM version of Radiohead’s Creep with DJ Naeleck in 2022. 
    Expanding her oeuvre, Haley voices a young boy named Bill Murphy on the Netflix hit animated  series based on comedian Bill Burr’s childhood - F Is For Family (seasons one through five out  now). She made her acting debut in the #1 hit Robert Rodriguez film on Netflix titled, We Can  Be Heroes, where she plays a superhero whose voice is her power.  
    Both 2022 and 2023 were banner years for Haley. In September 2022, Haley’s newest EP - “Off The Ground” - released worldwide. The extended play features seven original songs all  either written or co-written by Haley. From Fall 2022 to Fall 2023, Haley headlined her “Off  The Ground Tour”. She played to raved reviews in over 100 theaters and rock rooms throughout  North America. 
    In 2024, Haley has taken her career to another level. After spending the first half of the year  writing and recording a new album, Haley will embark on her headline tour, which will run from  May to November 2024. The show is just beginning.