• Brianna Grace

    Brianna Grace is an up and coming singer-songwriter based in San Diego, California. Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, Brianna loved music and performed in musicals, played alto saxophone in the wind ensemble, and taught herself guitar to accompany her singing. However, after attending business school she lost connection to music and her creativity while trying to fit into the corporate world.

    After struggling with depression in 2021, Brianna was introduced to meditation and mindfulness which completely transformed her life. Through her mindfulness practice, she rediscovered her love of music and started performing publicly. In late 2023, Brianna left corporate America to pursue her passions full time.

    Brianna’s original music is heartfelt and powerful. She pulls on themes from her own struggles, views of society, love of nature, and hope for the future. She just released the first single off of her debut EP to be released later this year.

  • Anna Ballew

    Growing up surrounded by the mountains of Missoula Montana, Anna’s introduction into her artistry was through classic folk singers like Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and Bonnie Rait. Growing up, her father would sing and play guitar, and they bonded over their mutual love of music. From bluegrass fiddle, to a cappella groups, to funk bands, music has always played a pivotal role in Anna’s life. Prior to pursuing music professionally at the age of 25, Anna explored different social science fields, educating herself on the human condition with the intention of bridging divides amongst people and cultures.

    When she arrived in San Diego in the spring of 2021 and started connecting with musicians and other artists, Anna realized that she could combine her worlds: music and humanitarian efforts.  

    She’s been performing at restaurants, live music venues, weddings, and house concerts in the San Diego area for the last three years. Anna released her first single in January of this year, and is currently working on an album set to be released early 2025. Anna’s intention is to use her calming musical presence and passion for justice to affect positive change in the world.
  • Bowersox

    Bowersox is a fiery female-fronted rock band blazing trails with their electrifying performances and genre-bending finesse. Hailing from San Diego, California, Bowersox infuses the raw energy of rock and roll with the soulful twang of Americana and Indie allure. At the forefront of this dynamic ensemble is the charismatic Elizabeth Bowersox whose powerhouse vocals and mesmerizing rhythm guitar work command attention, leaving audiences spellbound. Backed by the spunky bass lines of Leslie Ramsey, the wizard-like lead guitar workings of Peter Merritt, and the juicy heartbeat of PJ Sweeney on drums, Bowersox delivers a sonic experience that is as invigorating as it is unforgettable. Bowersox crafts a sound that is both timeless and fresh, infusing each performance with a high-octane energy that keeps crowds enraptured all night long. Their range and infectious drive nods to the classic rock gods of yesteryear, and leaves a trail of enchantment in their wake. With a commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering high caliber performances, Bowersox is poised to set the San Diego music scene ablaze. Experience the magic, feel the heat, and prepare to be ignited by the incendiary sound of Bowersox.
  • Adana

    I grew up listening to a wide variety of genres. My dad introduced me to a lot of Reggae and Jazz, and my mom was always singing along to her favorite Singer/songwriters. My own adventures took me to RnB, NeoSoul, Indie, Folk, Country, Rock, the list goes on. I was always attracted to many different genres which shows up in a lot of my music writing today. My song writing takes the form of feelings that I can’t seem to express by just talking. I want to continue to share my heart through my songs and hope they reach people who can relate to my experiences.