• Bush Divers

    The Bush Divers are a groovy little rock band from San Diego. Pulling inspiration from their idols of the 70s and the funk masters who wheeled them to pick up their own instruments. Bush Divers will leave you buzzing, as the 4-6 piece is nothing but high flying energy from the first to the last notes.

    The mission is simple, we want to get the people grooving as quickly as possible. Transcending them from places that feel familiar to places they’ve never been. Capturing the energy that fellow rock bands and entertainers alike have used to fuel the crowds for years. With Bush Divers you know what to expect, but also learn to expect the unexpected.

  • Daddy

    Hailing from San Diego, CA, Daddy is the intoxicating & sparkly alt-rock brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Brooke Patterson, bassist Jessica Taylor (two high school acquaintances turned best pals), and drummer Jack McCain (found on craigslist). 

    This vibrant, high-energy indie rock trio takes the undying, resentful spirit of emo music, sends it to therapy, and injects it into a punchy sonic landscape filled with melodic basslines, confessional lyricism, and cathartic hooks that will sink into darkest corners of your mind like the smell of stale cigarettes in your favorite dive bar.

  • Duke Moody