• Zen Zag

    ZenZag is a six piece collaboration of musicians stemming from different walks of life. Their journey started as an acoustic duo between Patrick and Aliyah Valdez. Using music as a way to connect with themselves and each other the project naturally grew, and with every member that joined the sound evolved. ZenZag could be described as Reggae fusion but their sound is much more than that. With heavy influences from Miles Davis, Steel Pulse, System of a Down, Santana and Erykah Badu, their live show takes you on a ride of where they have been and where they are going. The highs and lows of energy felt while experiencing ZenZag forces you to close your eyes, open your ears, and release yourself to the moment. 
  • Poems

    Originally the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Philip Ernest, Poems started out as a Notes app side project. Driven by their passion for experimenting and exploring their limitless potential, they are discovering innovative sonic elements and melodies. From experimental guitar riffs to haunting lyricism, the band draws inspiration from various projects by other indie alternative groups, such as Hippocampus and New York City’s Interpol. Furthermore, Poems aims to share and achieve emotional freedom through the stories they tell in their songs, a trait that lovers of poetry would appreciate. Merging elements from their favorite bands as inspiration with their authentic creative sound, Poems is determined to make its imprint on the Indie Alternative industry. It’s truly exciting to see where the band ends up in the coming years.   

     -Anna Jones of Artist Weekly 

  • Jamm

  • The Gravities

    The Gravities is a soul/groove collaboration that leads with an intention to get you moving and keep you grooving.   Between power-funk melodies and gut bucket rhythm’s this San Diego powerhouse is a band you surely will not want to miss.
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