SHRiNKRAY, Daddy, Poems
  • Shrinkray


    - Welcome to SHRiNKRAY Laboratories ™ - 

    This San Diego based band of scientists is breaking conventional norms and genres through their fantastical high energy grooves and immersive experiences. Join our lab technicians in their musical dedication to solving the world’s problems with immaculate vibes and shrinkage. 

    Thank you for agreeing to be a part of our latest experiment -  https://shrinkraymusic.com/

  • Daddy


    Spawning from San Diego, CA, Daddy is the intoxicating & sparkly alt-rock brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Brooke Patterson, bassist Jessica Taylor (two high school acquaintances turned best pals), and drummer Jack McCain (found on craigslist). 

    This vibrant, high-energy indie rock trio takes the undying, resentful spirit of emo music, sends it to therapy, and injects it into a punchy sonic landscape filled with melodic basslines, confessional lyricism, and cathartic hooks that will sink into darkest corners of your mind like the smell of stale cigarettes in your favorite dive bar.

  • Poems


    Poems are an indie outfit based in San Diego California consisting of Philip Ernest, Grayson Hagopian, Zae Howell, Jeremy Smucker, and Sam McCubbin. The group focus’s on bringing ear-worm melodies alongside dynamic instrumentation and emotion freedom with every song they write. They are currently gearing up to release the bands debut EP later this summer 2024.