Yachtley Crew, Radio Thieves (Outdoor Show)
  • Yachtley Crew

    Yachtley Crew

    The Yachtley Crew Block Party at Music Box!
    Yachtley Crew has come a long way since they sold out Music Box a record-setting 8 times.
    They've since sold out The Sound in Del Mar and toured nationally.
    For Music Box's 9th anniversary we are closing India Street and putting on a block party. We would like everyone who has ever geeked out to YC to wear their best white nauticals and join us for a 4000 person yacht rock sing along to reflect on what's become of Yachtley, and whats become of Music Box!
  • Radio Thieves

    Radio Thieves

    The Radio Thieves are a high energy 80’s new wave band. They don't just sweat to the oldies; they sweat through the oldies. Recognize them or not, you're sure to enjoy many of your favorite 80's classics with a fresh twist. Call it naivete, but a "can-do" attitude never sounded this good.