Aviator Stash, Moondaddy, Matthew Hall and The Mailroom
  • Aviator Stash

    It would be hard to find better examples of the unprecedented collision of styles, technologies, trends & cultures akin to the modern San Diego area than the eclectic, yet focused, and fun group known as Aviator Stash.
    Their uniquely crafted style blends contemporary indie and pop sensibilities with raw and powerful rock n roll energy. In 2017, they released their debut self-titled album. In 2018 they released their acclaimed sophomore album "Prescribed" and are currently supporting their 3rd full-length, "P.S.I.Y.H.", released in 2021.
    They have established themselves throughout the Southern California music scene playing live in support of these records and have since taken home 6 back-to-back San Diego Music Awards. 
  • Moondaddy

    Started as a collection of quarantine bedroom songs, moondaddy was dreamt up as a way to escape the crippling existential dread that was plaguing us all during the 2020 lockdown. Cara became obsessed with analog equipment and tangible audio formats, spending hours at a time locked in her space facing and out-letting her dreams, fears, and addictions. The only activity that felt safe was crate digging at local record stores, which inspired her to invest in a record lathe and tape deck to make physical demos.
    She discovered El Paso, Texas-based Manuel Calderon aka El Cosmophonico listed as a mixing credit on the back of one of her favorite records and she eventually decided to hand over her demos for professional mixing. The two formed a fast musical connection and decided to cut a full album at Sonic Ranch, a pecan orchard and residential recording studio in Tornillo, Texas. Calderon and Potiker were joined by several talented local El Paso and Ciudad Juárez artists that contributed heart and depth to every soundscape. Pulling from influences ranging from 1970s glam rock to 90s shoegaze and trip hop, moondaddy’s forthcoming debut full-length, Poet Lies, is a reverb soaked, shimmering fever dream of a record.
    Moondaddy’s live performance has evolved into a five piece band that includes Julia Rose Rahm, Rob Wren, Robert Martinez, and Patrick Heaney. The set includes a unique visual show created by Blair Neal. 
  • Matthew Hall and The Mailroom

    "Matthew Hall and The Mailroom" is an indie folk band with psychedelic nuances, led by singer-songwriter Matthew Hall. The trio comprising the Mailroom—Mark Ryden on drums, Christian Elwood on keys, and Mark Webber on bass—adds depth to their sound by backing Matthew Halls lyrics. Their single "Something Sweet" enthralled audiences last fall, showcasing their eclectic sound. Currently crafting their debut album set for release this fall, they're offering a taste of what's to come with the upcoming single "Tired," out April 19th. Their dynamic live performances have solidified their status as a fixture in the vibrant San Diego music scene. With their unique blend of indie folk and psychedelic elements, Matthew Hall and The Mailroom are embarking on an exciting musical journey.