• Russ Blvd

    Meet Russ Blvd, an indie/pop-rock band from San Diego, California. Russ Blvd consists of 6 members: Tanner Lampugnale from Marlborough, CT (guitar), Logan Perez from Corona, CA (keys/synthesizer/percussion), brothers Jack and John McCain from San Diego, CA (guitar, vocals, bass), Brooke Patterson from San Diego, CA (guitar and vocals), and Matt Montoya from San Diego, Ca (drums). Jack McCain started a solo project under his name in 2018 before eventually changing the name to Russ Blvd in late 2021, which brings us to where we are now with the band.
  • Tsunami Sound Waves

    Sprouting from the living rooms of Pacific Beach, San Diego, this band carries the classic SoCal vibe. Tsunami Sound Waves was founded at a local beach bar open mic where drummer, Reuben Atkatz, had been sharing the stage with Matt Barnes to bring to the people of San Diego a fresh and uplifting tsunami of sound. 

    The band’s original vibe was a cross-pollination of rock and reggae, highlighted by their first two EPs. The current lineup boasts Reid Bradt on bass and Colin Cooke on lead guitar, creating a more diverse sound that dips into punk, garage, and modern surf rock styles. Tsunami Sound Waves are releasing an album in the fall of 2023. Be sure to follow them to stay up-to-date on their music releases and upcoming shows!

  • Virginia Crime

    Hailing from of San Diego, Virginia Crime surfaced in 2023 with a distinctive combination of raw and sonic experimentation. Pulling inspiration from the gritty intensity of Death Grips, the iconic grunge spirit of Nirvana, and the frenetic garage rock of Thee Oh Sees, their sound is a kaleidoscope of visceral riffs and gnarled rhythms. High energy would be an understatement describing their live performances as Virginia Crime captivates audiences with their unbridled intensity and fearless musical exploration. As torchbearers of the city's eclectic musical heritage, they carve their own path, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions with every jagged melody and primal scream. In a landscape saturated with conformity, VA stands as a beacon of audible shrapnel, poised to leave an mark on the so-cal landscape.