Skatejazz, The Fazes
  • Skatejazz


    Skatejazz is the brainchild and pseudonym of drummer and artist Ruby Hernandez. Responsible for Thursday night jazz in Barrio Logan he created a wave of jazz for the new generation in Southern California. Ruby likes to call it "social music" as Miles Davis would say, and that is the reason why so many people flock to the shows, to socialize. Striking instant success, Skatejazz is still catching up and figuring out his sound as he goes along. You can hear influences from French fusion band Cortex, mixed with everything from neo-soul to disco and house. It is not normal jazz, there is something “special as fuck” about it, says some people.
  • The Fazes

    The Fazes

    The Fazes are a 5 piece female fronted band out of San Diego. They make music to stand out with stimulating sounds pulling influence from 80s new wave, disco, and post punk. Much like their sound, The Fazes have a futuristic aesthetic that compliments their artwork and electric performances. Following their debut album Underground Starz, they are in the works for an upcoming EP.