• Lioneer

  • EM Cable Band

    Em Cable Band blends rock, pop, and blues elements with punk rock energy inspired by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Wet Leg, King Princess, and Foo Fighters. Driving rhythms, soulful guitars, and soaring harmonies are hallmarks of thier unique and eclectic sound. Winners of the 2024 Fiesta Del Sol Battle of the Bands, Em Cable Band is ready to bring their high-energy performance to the Music Box stage.
  • Super Destroyer

  • Thread The Lariat

    A melodic and muscular blend of metal, emocore and alt-punk, Thread The Lariat checks a handful of boxes across the modern rock spectrum. Grinding guitars interwoven with diverse vocals create a cadence uniquely their own, yet often draw comparisons to mainstream acts like A Day To Remember, Neck Deep and The Used. Named in the top 5 local artists by 91X FM and armed with a live show sharpened at venues throughout the southwest, watch for big things ahead for Thread The Lariat. 
  • No Gray Tape