RJD2, DGTL CLR, Laurie Piña
  • RJD2

    Dame Fortune is the deliciously eclectic sixth album from veteran producer and crate digger extraordinaire RJD2, out March 25th on RJ's Electrical Connections. It's a wondrous beast, recorded over the past year while living in Philadelphia, before returning to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Streaked with Philly's rep for deeply felt soul music while maintaining a playful sense of adventurousness, Dame Fortune features guest vocalists Son Little (aka Aaron Livingston) and frequent collaborator Phonte, while also presenting the bombastic hip-hop sound that marked RJD2's breakthrough album, Deadringer, and even an orchestral composition for the societal unrest experienced in this day and age (called "PF Day One."..the PF standing for "Post Ferguson").

    "Living in Philly provided a context for a lot of soul music that I had liked," RJD2 says on the city's influence on Dame Fortune's sound. "I didn't have any cultural context for this music that I liked — it was just music that I had stumbled across as a beat making nerd. Philly was a place where there were enough people who had the same musical vocabulary that I did, which made the music more than something I had just discovered on my own."

    The debut single, "Peace of What," features Jordan Brown and draws inspiration from 1990s rap legends Main Source's 1991 single "Peace Is Not the Word to Play." "When I hear people talk of peace in America, the discrepancy between our words and our actions can get fatiguing," he says on the inspiration behind the song. "I was trying to reflect the experience of people I know, which often feels like 'We're not ACTUALLY trying to do anything about this problem in our country.'"

    Thought-provoking and undeniably entertaining all at once, this latest exhibition of musical virtuosity is a crystal-clear reflection of RJD2's cinematic aspirations, reminding listeners that it's always rewarding to expect the unexpected. RJD2 will tour throughout 2016 in support of Dame Fortune and his 20-year-plus-career.


    If you took Nintendo, 90’s techno, and Radiohead, and stuck them in a mixing bowl, DGTL CLR is what would come out of the oven. This indie electronic project has categorized himself in the genre, Nextwave. (a mix of vaporwave synths, electronic dance beats, and organic sounds such as spacey guitars and sexy saxophones) Lead singer, guitarist, synth player, and producer, Devereaux Jennings (DGTL CLR) is going to be something fresh for all listeners to say the least. Mixing house with Indie music and still brining the live aspect to the club or venue is the vision behind the project. Growing up around the ocean of Southern California in San Diego, Devereaux breathes his idea of mellow electro into these Nintendo- techno house beats.
  • Laurie Piña

    Laurie Piña is a writer, dj, and cartoonist.
    She lives in San Diego, CA where she is currently running Angel Pen, a low volume newsletter home to original interviews, essays, and more. She co-organizes Soap, a curated lounge + dance party surveying global electronica from pre-y2k and beyond. She also hosts Rare Charm, a monthly radio show on Particle FM, a San Diego-based DIY internet radio station for which she floats as a graphic designer, creative consultant, and community outreach coordinator. 🏹