Boris “Amplifier Worship Service” performing Amplifier Worship in its entirety with special guest Starcrawler
  • Boris


    In 2024, Boris will undergo a tour performing all the songs off their first album. We have already reached a  quarter-century since the release of that 1st album, “Amplifier Worship”. Boris has been in constant pursuit  of their own ideal “heavy” since their formation in 1992. From the outset they became like a chimera,  evolving at a rapid pace, establishing a unique style with extreme downtuning and megavolume. Their  broad sense of “Heavy Rock” swelled grotesquely, as it engulfed powerviolence, ambient and drone, with  a trance component of krautrock and so on. 

    From Tokyo to the world, Boris spread out from the underground community to have their name become  more widely known. Five years after their formation, Boris went deep into the beyond of heavy music to  make their first album, one that can be said to be a palace constructed in unexplored realms. However, the  album by no means serves as a peaceful "end" or resting place/"gravestone" for those compositions.  Rather, it was a map to the “beyond” that Boris drew up at the time, a blueprint pointing to the future. 25  years after the release of "Amplifier Worship", that guidance has been revealed: a full length tour for  performing all of the songs on the album in a double-drum-format Drone Set. 

    As a pioneering effort in Drone Metal, a palace under the name of "Amplifier Worship" was constructed and  revealed as both a point of departure as well as a destination. Amplified oscillations and volume, going from  anguish to pleasure and back, being in fear as well as in awe at what can be called heavy— we venture  into this palace of worship together. 

    For this tour Boris are taking along Starcrawler, a band that intensifies the prayer of rock 'n' roll. This only  takes us further into the “beyond,” embarking on this worship service. Welcome to the ceremony!

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