• Lioneer

    Lioneer is a spacey, punk-rock musical journey by Mike Liorti and friends
  • Sometimes Julie

    Sometimes Julie, one of San Diego’s most engaging and original rock bands, is the musical brainchild of
    singer/songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker. Walker, former lead guitarist for Chicago’s Greeley, is a multi-instrumentalist who reveals his rock and roll genius as he defines Sometimes Julie’s unique sound. Sorenson paints the pictures, finds the words, tells the stories, and delivers the melodies with her powerful voice. Walker is the theory, the rhythm, the science, the skill, and Sorenson is the front woman who is all heart and art.

    The duo first emerged in 2014 with their award-winning debut CD, Head First, which was followed up by Bright Side of the Line (2016), Breaking (2018), and Where Are You? (2020). Where Are You? received a San Diego Music Award nomination for Best Rock Album of the year.

    Sometimes Julie is now thrilled to announce the release of their fifth and latest album, Seven Wishes. As with their four previous albums, the songs on Seven Wishes are steeped in Sometimes Julie’s rock roots. But pop, country, and blues
    territories are also explored. While not a concept album per se, Seven Wishes does reveal a cohesive theme. Whether it is for love, healing, freedom, excitement, success, acceptance, or redemption, each of the seven songs is a visceral yearning – a wish. Feelings of overwhelming desire for something, attainable or otherwise, are intensely and universally relatable and displayed throughout the album.

    Recorded at Pacific Beat Recording and BigRock Studios, the usual Sometimes Julie suspects appear on this latest effort (Monica Sorenson, Rick Walker, Anthony Sarain, Bruce Paul Allen, Dave Fuller, and frequent collaborator Andy Machin). Seven Wishes also includes some special guest contributors, including Laura Chavez (guitar), Roger Friend (percussion), Larry Grano (drums), and Clair Allison & Yvonne Fuller (backing vocals). Also notable, Seven Wishes is the first Sometimes Julie album where Monica Sorenson is featured not only as lead vocalist but also as an instrumentalist. Monica learned to play piano during the pandemic, and she lends her new talent to a few of the new songs.

    Sometimes Julie performs hard-driving rock with deep-seated pop, blues, and country influences. Raw
    yet refined, their sexy sound will stir up your passionate side!

    Connect with Sometimes Julie at sometimesjulie.com, and follow on instagram.com/sometimesjuliesd, facebook.com/sometimesjulie, and youtube.com/user/sometimesjulieband. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other platform where you find music.
  • Revelation 69

    A power rock groove delivered with a sledge hammer, loud and rude with an infectious groove, turned up and turned down. Revelation 69 serves up the shot and the chaser.
    Fronted by John Hernandez (vocals + guitar), James Houdek (Bass), & Marc DeJesus (Drums) from San Diego, CA.
    The 3 have teamed up to form a group that brings the bad boy vibe.
    Loud, Proud and Unashamed. 
  • Crimson Coil

    Formed in January of 2020 in San Diego, and influenced by the turbulent times that followed, the band Crimson Coil has created a style and sound that harkens back to the golden era of rock bands who fearlessly spoke truth to power.  

    Crimson Coil, fronted by the incomparable vocal powerhouse, Barbara Valente, pays homage to iconic rock divas while blazing a trail of their own with original compositions reminiscent of the activist bands that defined the tumultuous eras of the 60s and 70s. With a voice that soars to celestial heights and delves into the depths of human emotion, Barbara captivates audiences with her mesmerizing vocals, blurring the lines between rock goddess and operatic diva. 

    Backing Barbara’s formidable presence is a band of equally talented musicians, each bringing their own unique flair to Crimson Coil's dynamic sound. From the musical compositions and intricate blistering guitar riffs of Michael Williams, to the thunderous bass lines of James Knight, the symphonic stylings of keyboardist Greg Kluthe, and the tight drumming of Dan Leone, Crimson Coil's music is a symphony of rebellion and resilience, a testament to the enduring power of rock music to inspire change.

    With their debut album set to release later this year, Crimson Coil invites you to join them on their journey of sonic exploration and awakening.