• Saxsquatch

    Saxsquatch presents Bigfoot Rave, a costume themed dance party hosted by the saxy beast. Be a bigfoot, a fairy, an alien, or be whatever YOU believe in. Just come have fun and dance the night away with Saxsquatch + his DJ friends!
  • Hyper Potions

    HYPER POTIONS is Ian Tsuchiura, a prominent EDM artist who has
    captivated audiences worldwide with their infectious beats and
    electrifying performances.
    Breaking into the scene through the Monstercat roster, HYPER POTIONS
    quickly established themselves as an essential player in the EDM
    world. Building upon their early success, HYPER POTIONS ventured into
    collaborations with esteemed companies, including SEGA, Disney,
    Apple, Cartoon Network, and Riot Games. Their ability to seamlessly
    blend their signature sound with various media platforms and their
    unforgettable live performances have solidified their position as a
    trailblazing artist in the world of EDM.
    With a diverse portfolio of achievements and an unwavering passion
    for his craft, Ian Tsuchiura continues to push boundaries and create
    music that resonates with fans from all walks of life, making HYPER
    POTIONS a name you won't forget
  • Knob Ross