• Ray Riley

    Ray Riley is an up and coming hip hop artist, and San Diego/IE native. As a college student, Ray turned to music as an outlet, and never turned back. Since then, he has been featured on San Diego's Jam'n 95.7, New York's HOT 97 radio, and Sway in the Morning on Shade 45 Sirius XM as well. He has performed at venues in Riverside, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, but his most notable performance (so far) was as the Apollo Theater in Harlem. His most recent project, Color of Dope, emphasizes the growth that has occurred since his dormitory days. It features an eclectic mix of songs that address mental health, love, and social issues. 
  • Sham Blak

    Sham Blak is an artist first, his mastery of the craft of emceeing is evident in his content, cadences, and delivery. Sham Blak has an industry ready sound and style with a delightful after taste of a major, modern day, independent artist.
  • Kazie

  • Nur

    Nur has been steadily making a name for himself as one of San Diego’s most talented hip hop artists since his first project release in June 2022. Julius Randle EP introduced Nur’s ability to create a versatile body of work to a large crowd of live performance audiences and local music fanatics, earning him features on San Diego’s best rap social media pages.

    His next appearance came in February 2023 when his brother COZEY dropped his first EP SEARCH PARTY. Nur was featured on two fan favorites: GRASS-FED GOBLINS and WILFRED. They both spent most of 2023 showcasing this project during concerts and fine tuning their sounds.

    Nur is the co-founder of a rising music collective called 52Crowns, along with COZEY and Tonyio2real In between hosting some of San Diego’s best live concerts, 52 also hosts free community events for their families and fans alike. Between basketball tournaments and giveaways, 52Crowns continues reaching for greater heights in their city.

    Nur is currently working on his first LP named Bakers Dozen at 9th Vibe Studios, a 13 song jazz rap project pushing the limit of music in San Diego. He also has a huge year coming up in features, performances, and philanthropy with his collective and peers throughout the 619.