• Zeptune - Tribute to Led Zeppelin

    This is one tribute act that really have the whole package; The Look, Sound, Danger and Majesty of the original line up for the Mighty! Led Zeppelin. Featuring Founder and band leader Brian Davis- as a stunningly accurate Robert Plant, Joe Stevens- with the swagger and the off the cuff genius of Jimmy Page, Ellery Wolf- The quiet, restrained yet absolutely brutal playing of John Paul Jones,  PJ Sweeny- The childlike bludgeon yet the sophistication and technique of an elder of John Henry Bonham. All this, plus these lads are really fun to watch!- Eddie Winters
  • Verado

    If Led Zeppelin and Jack White had a baby, you would have Verado. Members of Verado hailing from all different parts of the country now have a home base in San Diego, California and are playing shows and ready to explore! 
    Joining forces with rock and roll, funk, reggae and jazz, Verado is a versatile, hard hitting band with a punk attitude but fusion control.
    At the helm lies Brian Justn Davis, originally from Philly, Verados founder, is the swaggy lead guitarist / main vocalist who made it all possible. 

    Scotty Stover, originally from Southwest Michigan comes in ripping on the bass, 808s or maybe even singing some backups, is a crowd favorite with his energy and sheer, raw talent on bass. 

    PJ Sweeney on drums comes from upstate New York and was able to be recruited for this multi-instrumental juggernaut showcasing his versatility. 

    You thought you were the coolest human in the room until you saw keyboardist, violinist, guitarist, percussionist, Joe Stevens. Joe Stevens, the local boy, adds rhythms, dynamics and flair to Verado. 

    As members of the band are all multiinstrumentalists, you never know what you'll see at a live Verado show! Coming to a town near you, keep eyes peeled and ears open because Verado is coming for you!
  • Mood Lifters

    Mood Lifters – A Tribute to Rush” is based in Southern California.  Though Mood Lifters officially launched in late 2021, its members have faithfully reproduced the music of Rush in live performance for many years.  

    The Mood Lifters are: 

    Rocky Kuner – vocals;

    Isamu Kakitani – bass guitar, keyboards, pedals;

    Ben King, guitar;

    Mat Miranda, drums & percussion. 

    Singer Rocky Kuner was a founding member of the Rush tribute “YYNOT,” touring nationwide with that band for a number of years.  Guitarist Ben King and bassist/keyboardist Isamu Kakitani were formerly with “Xanadoodz – A Tribute to Rush,” playing a large number of venues in San Diego and Orange County CA, including the House of Blues, Ramona Mainstage, and the main stage at the San Diego County Fair.  Drummer/percussionist Mat Miranda is a regularly touring professional drummer who is definitely up to the task of replicating Neil Peart’s challenging rhythms.  Mat was born into a drumming household and has played classic and progressive rock drums practically from the moment his hands were grown enough to grasp a pair of drumsticks!  

    Like the band they tribute, all members of Mood Lifters are committed to a simple concept — that the music of Rush deserves to be honored by faithful and accurate reproduction, with energy and enthusiasm, in every single performance.