• LA Laura Paris

    LA Laura Paris known as LA is a multi talented French Pop Electro artist singer-songwriter, composer, musician, DJ producer and also Film Director. A Franco-Belgian native, brought up in an English school, LA began classical training at the age of five by taking violin and piano lessons at the Music Academy in Brussel, and learning ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and Bollywood dancing. She took the Actors Studio's classes in Paris to perfect her performing education, and attended Art School in Brussels to study visual arts. Based in Paris, LA composes pop acoustic songs and produces electronic music, while mixing at the legendary FG Radio in Paris and igniting the dance-floors of Parisian nights. She collaborated with French Touch producers such as The Supermen Lovers and many others. From Paris to New York, LA has played many live performances, combining singing, DJ set and dancing, incorporating Bollywood influence and American Sign Language (ASL) into her choreographies to allow deaf and hard of hearing audiences to understand her songs. Model, fashion influencer and visual artist, LA participated in many photo shoots, runways in Paris, Brussels, London, and Los Angeles, and created her own brand that she promotes herself by sticking her black and white stickers signed "LA" all over the planet. Well-known internationally in the Stickart and Street Art movement, she has been motivating people to dance by sharing her phrase "JUST DANCE MOTHER F💖💖💖💖💖"
  • Tino XXX & Soul the Reject

    Creator of Wasted Yovth Global, A Visionary, Producer, Engineer, Writer, Graphic Artist, Creative Director & Artist hailing from the high desert that's here to open your ears, test your opinions and open your eyes to the world of TINO XXX & the Wasted Yovth Global.
  • Blair Perkins

    There are many people who dream of touching the world through music, but only few that succeed in making that dream a reality.

    Born in Los Angeles, California, Blair Perkins began his musical journey at a very young age, showing dedication, drive and passion towards what he loves the most, music. Since then, Blair has proven himself to be the true meaning of productiveness and one of the hardest working artists of his generation.

    Collaborating with Grammy-nominated producers Eric Hudson and Bongo ByTheWay, His self-titled debut album steps away from the typical R&B stereotype and redefines the genre by fusing it’s past with its future. While maintaining the classic elegance of R&B, Blair unifies six decades of music to present a new sound that he can truly call his own. As a singer-songwriter, Blair compares to no one. His vocal conviction and lyrical poetry are what many people would say is the key to evolving contemporary R&B music - proving him to be the world’s newest potential legend.

    Following the footsteps of his childhood heroes and owning his own entertainment company, Blair takes full control of his career in both business and creative aspects, executive producing his debut LP and all future releases. With a very small team and even bigger dreams, Blair begins his journey to the number one spot that many believe is already his. As said best by legendary music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs, “Blair is gonna show up and show out!”

  • Xandra

    Singer-songwriter, Zoe Xandra, introduced herself to the scene February 2020 with her debut EP, TMI. Xandra worked hard to push her EP and has since been interviewed by Vents Magazine, charted on NACC radio, and signed sync licensing deals with the Discovery Network and Keeping up with the Kardashians. She landed a showcase in Canadian Music Week 2021 and showcase during SXSW 2022. More recently, she released two live performances on Youtube which have gained almost 200k views so far. Xandra is pleased to have been accepted as an AWAL Core artist and looks forward to working more with AWAL in the future.

    The creation of “Land of Dreams” was a family affair. Co-written by Zoe Xandra and her in-laws, and produced by her brother Everett James. This song was inspired during a bittersweet time in Xandra's life. Her best friend moved from Toronto to Australia. Shortly after, several of her siblings (who are also her best friends) moved to California. Xandra is of course happy to see her friends and family thrive and loves the excuse to travel. However, there are inevitably some lonely days. Land of Dreams explores what it means to feel happy and sad at the same time.

    It was her time in Toronto that really shaped and defined her musical direction, creating the sound you can find in her music. All of her songs have a female co-writer.  Xandra believes that women, when supporting each other, are able to communicate in a unique and honest way.  Strategically working with women helped create an atmosphere of honesty and vulnerability, which influenced the creation of her music. She has always admired songwriters that not only wear their heart on their sleeves, but are also able to communicate real thoughts and emotions in an authentic and meaningful way. Xandra’s music carries a depth of emotion with it, that creates space for the listener to hear an authentic voice as she tells her story.

  • Chancy Robinson

    Singer, songwriter and engineer are a few titles Chancy R. carries. Multi-talented and creative with a voice so compelling it leaves audiences awe struck Chancy R. uses his conceptual mind and compelling Perspective to relate and connect with his listeners. Every song will provoke thought and reflection at the same time leaving u with that Feel Good vibe and turn up Energy. Chancy R. Isn't an artist u wanna miss out on!