• Primaveras

    Primaveras was birthed from the great duality of Southern California. Warm breezes through cracked car windows, the soft sound of waves crashing and receding into the Pacific, and the silhouettes of LA and San Diego are beautiful in a timeless, almost dreamlike sort of way. However, those who haven’t stuck around long enough often fail to notice the effects of erosion; buildings and signs that line the coast are faded and rusty from the salt air, evoking feelings of loneliness and emptiness. Channeling various sonic aspects of the past to create something unmistakably of the present, songwriter/brainchild James Clifford creates danceable indie rock songs that are equally bright and sunny as they are full of longing and introspection. 
  • The Howls

    Oh oh it’s only rock ‘n roll but i like it.
  • Smiling

  • No Car Garage

    No Car Garage is a indie/alternative band from Southern California formed in 2019. With roots of alternative, jazz and surf rock, this momentum is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. We hope you enjoy! - Ben, Jared, Jon & Matt