• The Grouch & Eligh

    The Grouch
    Rapper and producer the Grouch has been a valued underground hip-hop figure since he co-founded Living Legends, a loose collective of MCs and DJs from the Bay Area, Japan, and Europe. The crew set themselves apart from the vast majority of their fellow West Coast rap artists by favoring clear-eyed raps about everyday issues. They coupled this with a grassroots approach to the music business, choosing to self-release and market their prodigious output. The Grouch's extensive work as a solo artist and co-headliner, from Don't Talk to Me (1995), his debut, through Thees Handz (2019), a collaboration with Murs, has only reinforced the reputation he started building in the first half of the '90s.

    Eligh, a self-described “genre-breaking, obsessive bass fiend” has continued to sustain himself as a salient figure for over fifteen years within the increasingly fickle and rapidly revolving world of hip-hop. The Los Angeles native has maintained his respected status by fearlessly veering from a traditional trajectory which is often limited to beats and rhymes. Instead, Eligh has chosen to fabricate projects that incorporate the gritty sounds of the UK dub scene, the unorthodox styling of indie rock, the lush guitars and honesty of folk music, and the complexity of jazz, all without losing the listener in a musically esoteric composition.