• Anthem - Rush Tribute

    Formed in 2018, Anthem is a San Diego-based tribute to progressive rock legends Rush. Anthem are long-time Rush fans that capture and re-create the sound and energy of a Rush concert experience. Anthem performs Rush's greatest hits as well as deep cuts to satisfy the casual music fan and the hard core Rush fanatics!

    Band Members:
      Austin Farmer - Vocals
      Dave Malmgren - Drums
      Jack Wagner   - Bass guitar, synthesizers, foot pedals
      Steve Smith   - Guitar, foot pedals"
  • Revelation 69

    A Power Rock Groove delivered with a sledge hammer. Loud and rude, with an infectious groove. Turned up and tuned down. Revelation 69 serves up the shot and the chaser.
  • Left on Everest

    Left On Everest is a San Diego band covering all the best rock songs.

    We are:
    Vocals: Eric Hutchinson
    Guitars: Lynx Vanasse, Timothy Durant
    Bass: Tony Giles
    Drums: Stephen Shaw
  • Forty Six & Tool