• Anthem - Rush Tribute

    Formed in 2018, Anthem is a San Diego-based tribute to progressive rock legends Rush. Anthem are long-time Rush fans that capture and re-create the sound and energy of a Rush concert experience. Anthem performs Rush's greatest hits as well as deep cuts to satisfy the casual music fan and the hard core Rush fanatics!

    Band Members:
      Austin Farmer - Vocals
      Dave Malmgren - Drums
      Jack Wagner   - Bass guitar, synthesizers, foot pedals
      Steve Smith   - Guitar, foot pedals"
  • Forty Six & Tool

    The music of TOOL is for those seeking to experience music on another level. The track “Forty Six and 2,” from TOOL’s critically acclaimed AEnima, is a musical masterpiece. Lyrically, the song is about the desire to shed our skin and evolve to the next level of our existence. The underlying music utilizes Middle Eastern-inspired bass lines, pumping and swelling electric guitars, and tribal and explosive rock percussion that together take the listener on a journey from the introspective to the cathartic. This is the inspiration behind San Diego-based Forty Six & TOOL. The members of Forty Six & TOOL are the ultimate TOOL fans, with over 25 years’ experience playing and performing their music. Obsessive and detail-oriented while always seeking flow state and connectivity with the audience, Forty Six & TOOL are on a mission to faithfully recreate the power, complexity, and raw emotion that has come to define the TOOL sound for millions worldwide.
    While songs like “Sober,” and “Stinkfist” are instantly recognizable by most 90’s rock music lovers, Forty Six & TOOL goes deeper and includes the more experiential, complex, and harder hitting offerings. From the polyrhythms of “Rosetta Stoned” to the soaring, orchestral guitar of the grammy award winning “7empest,” Forty Six & TOOL create the ultimate TOOL experience by regularly performing in front of full capacity crowds at major venues in Southern California.
    Drums: Bill Scheid
    Vocals: James Scott
    Guitar: Dustin Del Mar
    Bass Guitar: Peter Duncan 
  • Revelation 69

    A Power Rock Groove delivered with a sledge hammer. Loud and rude, with an infectious groove. Turned up and tuned down. Revelation 69 serves up the shot and the chaser.
  • Left on Everest

    Left On Everest is a San Diego band covering all the best rock songs.

    We are:
    Vocals: Eric Hutchinson
    Guitars: Lynx Vanasse, Timothy Durant
    Bass: Tony Giles
    Drums: Stephen Shaw