Thu Nov 2


Doors: 7:00 pm
Start: 8:30 pm
Age: Ages 21+ Only

Without a doubt, Gondwana is the most prestigious, solid band of the Hispanic world. With a constant movement across the continent and a myriad of vibrant shows, the band continues to present a bullet-proof repertoire.

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Without a doubt, Gondwana is the most prestigious, solid band of the Hispanic world. With a constant movement across the continent and a myriad of vibrant shows, the band continues to present a bullet-proof repertoire. 

Genre: reggae

Ticket Price: $25 advanced / $27 day of show / $20 meet & greet ticket (does not include ticket into the show)

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When The Police debuted at the Viña del Mar Festival (February 1982), in a small and combative town in the north of Santiago, La Pincoya, a young Locks Labbe surprised and influenced by that performance made the decision that would change the fate of his Life and that of many: to found a band, that band reach the same stage and play the bass. All these wishes were fulfilled: in 1987 he founded GONDWANA, the first reggae group in Chile and one of the first in South America. Over time, he also reached the stage of Chilean music, performing three times at the Viña Del Mar Festival, being the bass player and composer of many of the band's songs.

The recruiting of the other members was slow and not easy, buying instruments a little and playing where you could. The surprise came when the first GONDWANA began to realize that what they did liked, and much, achieving from the beginning have a growing and loyal following.

Then they moved to the bohemian Barrio Bellavista, where the music scene had its epicenter. There began the expansion of prestige and the call of less and less amateurs GONDWANA. The biggest stages came, opening Los Pericos in an acclaimed performance at Teatro Caupolicán in 1994. Four songs were recorded as Demo at the Anachena Studios by the Frugone brothers, and then the first record deal with BMG. The debut could not be better, multiplatino disc, with several singles in the Top 10 radial, tonic that was maintained for the later discs.

About to turn 25 years of history, GONDWANA begins the festivities with its sixth album of study. The entire history of Gondwana has been crossed by a force of will that has managed to cross all imaginable adversities: slums, repression and darkness in the dictatorship were the initial breeding ground. The lack of money and opportunities forged letters conscious and desire to come out of darkness in equal parts.

Once established as the first reggae band the road never stopped being upward. 10 years in the underground gave temper and coherence. Then, in 1997, came the Gold and Platinum albums, the singles razing the radios of all Chile and the mass tours, highlighting 3 Festivals of Viña del Mar and a National Stadium with 60,000 people vibrating in unison.

The international takeoff came in 2000 and has been a constant source of joy absolutely unprecedented in the Chilean music scene. The continental tours have not stopped growing, by the hand of a fanaticism that knows no borders. Alongside the refounding of the music business, GONDWANA has led an overwhelming social media activity, with records on YouTube, Facebook and other places where the Fan is the boss and not a music market that is increasingly out of the way.

Already for the end of 2011, "Revolution" is published a mature and powerful album that became a success.

Currently they are presenting their last album "Reggae & Roll", seventh studio album, eighth counting the CD + DVD recorded in Buenos Aires.

The album features outstanding collaborations by Boris Bilbraut of Prophetic Culture, Celsa Mel Gowland, Daniel Sais (former keyboardist of Soda Stereo), Tomás Pearson of Los Cafres, among several others and is simultaneously published in Chile, Argentina and USA. The new songs include two covers of two fundamental bands in the history of Argentine rock: "El Rito" by Soda Stereo and "Qué Ves" Divididos.