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What time should I come?

Generally we open our doors 60-90 minutes early so guests can eat, drink and socialize before the show. Check out our online menu. Each show will have a show time and a door time; the show time is the start time of the first band on the bill. We don't have or publish set times, although the artists might.

Are there seats?

We are a standing dancehall unless we have designated a show as 'seated'. If it's a standing show there may be limited opportunities to get a seat, but there are no guarantees. If it's a seated show, every ticket will have an assigned seat. All of our VIP situations have available seating for all shows.

Where do I park?

There is a ton of parking, including free street parking after 6. Here is our parking map.

Is there re-entry?

We do not allow re-entry for our shows. If you leave the venue you must purchase a ticket to come back in.

Can I bring my camera or sound recorder?

Those are decisions made by the band, we don't allow professional cameras without written artist permission, and if the band doesn't want any type of photo or recording, we will ask you to leave cameras in the car.

Is there a dress code?

Not normally, however some shows may have dress codes. Information regarding dress code requirements for those shows, will be posted on our website and/or on the ticket. Be advised this is a big crowded place with really good AC, so sturdy shoes and an extra sweatshirt is advisable.

I saw that tickets were $20, now they're $25, I'm pissed!

Our tickets are determined by the artist and promoter and often they ask us to increase them the day of the show. It's industry standard. There is always a warning about DOS increase, and we put reminders on social media, because we're on your side.

Do you have a smoking section?

Yes out the front door to the right on the first level. Our smoking section does not allow drinks or anyone under 21 or non- ticketholders.

Can I smoke weed?

No. While smoking pot is legal in California for private use, it would be a violation of our liquor license, as well as being against the law, in accordance to the smoking ordinance for bars and restaurants. Congrats on legal weed, however it's for private use. Let's keep Music Box for everyone.

Speaking of security, are there rules I need to know about so I never have to talk to them?

Yes, don’t mosh and run into customers, don’t be visibly intoxicated, don’t sneak smokes or drinks, don’t fight, don’t make women feel unsafe, don’t have your drink resting over the railing, I’m sure there’s more, but those are the big ones. Also if it’s an 18+ show and you hand a minor a drink, everyone in your party goes home without a refund.

Will you have the game on?

No. Sorry.

Will you have the screen showing the stage performance?

We want our customers to watch the live version. But we are upgrading our video system to show the performance in areas of the club where its not possible to see the stage. (NEW)

How can I avoid ticket fees?

With the exception of the buildings facility maintenance fee, which is built into the face value of every ticket. You can avoid ticket service charges by visiting our Box Office 10am-4pm Monday through Friday.

I can't make it. I got sick/had to work/am out of town. Can I get a refund?

All sales are final, including refunds or trades. We don't offer refunds for unused tickets for any reason other than the band cancelled, then those refunds are from point of purchase only. Please do not ask for a cash refund for a ticket you bought online with a credit card. We can only credit your card.

How can I meet the band?

Unless the band has a program like a meet and greet, that is likely not part of their plan, it's up to them.

Music Box needs to support my charity, who does that?

Venue management reviews all charity requests, and tries to do them all. Normally that means tickets to a show that you can auction. If you want to use the space for a charity event, it's a rental situation and costs for each scenario can be discussed with our private events people. Use the handy communications form and choose marketing for ticket stuff, and private events for hosting a charity event.

Do I have to print the tickets or can you scan them off my phone?

We can definitely scan off of your phone, and if we can't, we can print your ticket for you and sort it out that way. Save a tree. You know that part on the ticket receipt that says ‘you must print your ticket’? We didn’t write it, and we can’t get them to remove it. Save a tree.

My drummer left his sticks, what do I do?

Lost and found for musicians is handled differently than for customers, you have to contact the production manager and arrange for the return of items via his approval. We can’t allow musicians access to the stage or production areas to grab equipment when production is not present. Usually musicians will be asked to meet at the venue with production management when they will be present for their next show to arrange for the return of lost items.

Can you send me a floor plan of your seating (specific to my vip inquiries)?

Why yes, here is an easy link right now, Opera Boxes are on the Mezzanine, Tables on Floor 1, Skybox on Floor 2

Is this the old Anthology?

This building was Anthology from 2005-2013. We are a very different space now, please be prepared for a different experience.


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